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Fifth Dimension
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Fifth Dimension


Fifth Dimension



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Legends of the Dark Mite!


The Fifth Dimension is an inter-dimensional reality that exists outside of the traditional space-time continuum. With five dimensional properties, it acts on its own separate set of physics. More importantly, this dimension is home to a race of omnipotent beings who can be classified as imps in the third dimension. The three most famous of these beings are Mr. Mxyzptlk, Yz the Thunderbolt, and Bat-Mite. In the Fifth Dimension, Bat-Mite erected a shrine to what he thought was the greatest rivalry, Batman and Joker. There are various replicas of Joker objects like the Jokermobile, portraits, and displays of various cases such as the time Joker made his own utility belt, the Laughing Fish, and the Death in the Family. Bat-Mite also built a Bat Trophy Room dedicated to every form and incarnation of Batman, aided by Bat-Mite's power to observe any parallel universe he wishes.

After helping Batman defeat Joker in Earth 23, Bat-Mite took Joker-Mite with him to the Fifth Dimension. When Bat-Mite successfully got Earth 23 replaced with something darker and grittier, he and the Fifth Dimension were also erased.