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Felix Faust
Felix Faust BTBATB 001

Real Name

Felix Faust






Legion of Doom

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Evil Under the Sea!

Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker

“Pandora’s Box Batman, and once I have freed the evils from there ancient prison you will be the first to suffer my wrath.”



Felix Faust sought immortality through black magic over the millennia. Faust would occasionally clash with other magicians such as Nommo at Kor, an ancient African empire. He accumulated a encyclopaedic knowledge of the occult from spell casting to summoning. In recent times, Faust joined the Legion of Doom. During a baseball game against the Justice League International, at the bottom of the ninth, Faust was ordered to use his magic to turn the favor to the Legion. He cast a spell that cursed the bats used by the League. Luckily, a child in the audience gave Batman his lucky bat and the hero scored the winning run.

Faust located Pandora's Box and attempted to open it and release ancient evils. Batman opposed him with the Atom, secretly in tow, and tricked Faust into destroying his spellbook. Faust was imprisoned at Iron Heights and Blackgate Prison. Eventually, Faust was granted parole. He settled down and ran the Magic Shop. He became rather used to routine orders for love potions. He was intrigued by Katrina Moldoff and her desire for revenge. Faust gave her a transmogrification spell to switch bodies and also developed a crush on her. When Moldoff returned, as Batman, Faust agreed to help her recast the spell personally. Faust kept his promise and switched Batman and Batwoman back into their bodies.

Powers and Abilities[]

He's a skilled magic user, casting spells both with and without incantations needed.