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Fawcett City


United States of America




21st century

First Appearance

Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!


Fawcett city is often known as the ideal American City. Shazam sought to protect the city from the urban corruption that befell others such as Gotham City. He enlisted Ibis the Invincible to help distort the flow of time around Fawcett. As a result, it maintains its 1940-50's sensibility. However, Fawcett wasn't completely protected. Dr. Sivana and many others began to rise. Shazam decided the city needed a protector and chose Billy Batson to be Captain Marvel. He immediately won the love and adoration of Fawcett City. Some of the new villains to be sighted in Fawcett are Blockbuster and The Rock. Fawcett city retains much of its classic old architecture. Its position in the U.S and old building structure indicates that the city was founded sometime in the early 1800's. Nowadays, Fawcett has developed many modern buildings but still retains it's classical old ones.


The Largest House of Sod.

While on vacation, the Aquaman Family visited Fawcett City and its main tourist attraction, the World's Largest House of Sod. And Aquaman commented on how much heroics must have gone into packing so much dirt while Arthur Jr. looked on bored.