Eye of Zared
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Adam Strange




21st century

First Appearance

Mystery in Space!


Long ago, on the planet Rann, a bloody civil war decimated its population. The city of Zared devised a doomsday device named after itself to win the war. It is a disk-like aircraft designed to be invulnerable to attack and runs on solar power. Since Rann has no moon, the Eye could sustain itself forever. It fires a concentrated column of thermal energy from its port valve directly underneath. Before a victory could be proclaimed, the Sea of Abex flooded Zared and its weapon.

The Eye of Zared lay dormant until modern times during a Gordanian invasion. Aquaman came up with an idea to borrow the Moon and create an eclipse to neutralize the Eye. It instantly lost power and crashed into a section of Rann's capitol, Ranagar, and exploded on impact.


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