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Batman, Baby Face


Warehouse X


21st century

First Appearance

Night of the Huntress!


Powered exoskeletons, often referred to as exo-suits, were originally designed to protect people in dangerous environments and allow them to continue to interact and be mobile. The structure of the suit is that of a skeleton frame, hence its namesake. The one limitation of the suits were a suitable power supply that could fuel its movements.

One Gotham City based supervillain succeeded and went on a criminal rampage with an army of exo-suits. In addition, the suits could emit laser beams. Batman managed to defeat the villain and the suits were impounded at Warehouse X. They were later stolen by Babyface and his gang in a campaign to take over the local syndicate.

Batman later added an option to his Batmobile that could transform it into an exo-suit. An interesting addition to the suit's capabilities is a system capable of propelling the fist as an offensive measure.