King Arthur




21st century

First Appearance

Day of the Dark Knight!


Excalibur is the legendary weapon of King Arthur. In order to prove he was worthy to be king of Camelot, Arthur pulled Excalibur from a stone. The words "take me up" and "cast me away" are engraved on both sides of the sword.

It is said that Excalibur is gifted with magical properties and the source of Arthur's power. When Arthur wielded the sword in battle, he couldn't be wounded. Similar to Nth metal, Excalibur also contains properties that allow to nullify magic.

Merlin kept Excalibur hidden as a measure of last resort against ogre brothers. When the day came, Merlin discovered that when together, Batman and Green Arrow could also extract Excalibur and it successfully defeated Le Fey.

In the modern era, Excalibur was taken by the Faceless Hunter as a trophy displayed aboard his space cruiser. When invoked, the blade was covered in flames, making it an even more lethal weapon.


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