Enemy Ace
Enemy Ace

Real Name

Baron Hans von Hammer







Abilities and Powers

Piloting and Aerial Warfare

First Appearance

Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!

Voiced By

John DiMaggio

"Stand down Enemy Ace! Today we must fight a common foe, injustice!"



Baron Hans von Hammer was born into an aristocratic German family. In 1914, von Hammer eagerly volunteered to fight. While being trained in flight school, he participated in a duel of honor with another student, Heinrich Muller. He was permanently scarred on his left cheek.

von Hammer went onto become a skilled pilot and was assigned to Rittsmeister of his own Jagdstaffel hunting squadron. The Allies nicknamed him Enemy Ace. Despite his abhorrence of unnecessary death and sense of honor, the Enemy Ace had 70 kills during the War. Sometime during the war, Enemy Ace encountered Batman. After Batman showed him the dishonorable advantage of an alien cannon, Ace agreed to help Batman destroy it. However, he vowed to not spare Batman's life again.

After its end, von Hammer retreated to a home in the Black Forest and lived in seclusion with his pet wolf. He was later recruited by the Nazi Party to fight for them in World War II.

Powers and Abilities



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