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Elongated Man
Elongated Man

Real Name

Ralph Dibny







Abilities and Powers

Elasticity and Criminal Justice

First Appearance

Journey to the Center of the Bat!

Voiced By

Sean Donnellan

“Elongated Man, you know? The ductile detective?”


Ralph Dibny was always interested in the flexibilities of the human body, watching "the India Rubber Men" or circus contortionists. Dibny traveled the world to learn more about these plastic abilities. Dibny traced the abilities to a soft drink called Gingold that also contained the juice of the Yucatan Gingo fruit. Dibny isolated a certain chemical and made a concentrated dose. After drinking it, Dibny acquired augmented elastic abilities. As Elongated Man, Dibny joined the League and also put his detective skills to use. These skills are on par with that of even Batman's.

Nicknamed "The Ductile Detective," Elongated Man was amazed to see the public spotlight fall upon Plastic Man, instead. Elongated Man believed himself to be more professional and more skilled but unable to realize how his attitude often alienated others. While trying to stop Babyface from escaping a factory with the contents of its safe, Elongated Man and Plastic Man tried to show each other up and ended up getting stuck on a taffy puller. Luckily, Batman was on scene and rectified the situation. Months later, Elongated Man was compromised and implanted with a Starro clone by Faceless Hunter. In the aftermath, he and Plastic Man were used to restrain infected stragglers.

Personality and Traits[]

“Please, the dark knight only works with you when I’m on another case.”

Elongated Man shared a close rivalry with his fellow hero Plastic Man. He stated that although he was more professional the people apparently preferred Plastic Man. He even went as far as to say that Batman would prefer to work with a partner who didn’t pilfer criminal proceeds.


Elongated Man and Plastic Man