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Doom Patrol Mansion


Midway City




21st century

First Appearance

The Last Patrol!


The Doom Patrol Mansion is the headquarters of the superhero team, the Doom Patrol. It is a two story brownstone building located in the center of the Downtown district near the Midway City Museum. The building conceals an elaborate underground facility below the city's subway system. The first floor contains a crime laboratory, photography dark room, surgery room, chemical laboratory, and biology laboratory. The second floor contains a dressing room, gymnasium, communications room, and operations room. The third room contains the headquarters' power supply, an engine room, insulation system, and atomic energy plant. Below it is the remote launch pad. All floors are accessed by an elevator shaft. If there is an emergency, there are four escape routes and the mansion's roof has a concealed helicopter pad.

Several years after the Doom Patrol disappeared, Monsieur Mallah and the Brain entered the mansion and attacked Caulder. Batman intervened and helped defeat the duo.