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Doctor Milo
Milo BTBATB 001

Real Name

Achilles Milo







Abilities and Powers

Science and Bioengineering

First Appearance

Gorillas in Our Midst

Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker
Sam Riegel (Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold)

"You'll never stop me from continuing my great work"



Dr. Achilles Milo was once a renowned chemist, but he pursued a life of crime as an infamous underworld doctor in Gotham City. Dr. Milo tended to cater to the wealthy. At times, Milo tried to kill Batman with his creations. It is believed that the chemical concoctions that Dr. Milo used to create his creatures are what drove him criminally insane.

Gorillas in Our Midst[]

Dr. Milo used a group of mind-controlled rats to steal diamonds from an exchange he checked out himself. However, the diamonds turned out to be fakes, and Batman and the Spectre appeared to confront him. While Spectre initially tried to kill Milo, Batman stopped him, saying that the law would deal with Milo. Milo then quickly ingested a serum that transformed him into a giant monster.

Although Milo managed to hold his own in the beginning, Batman eventually defeated him with an electrical attack, turning him back into his regular form. Batman snapped handcuffs around Milo's wrists, saying again that the law would deal with him. The Spectre told Batman that he was disappointed that the Dark Knight went easy on such criminals, and vanished. Milo said that Batman should have listened to the 'ghost', and cockily exclaimed that he would be back out on the streets in a few months. Batman continued to uphold his faith in the law and exited via the roof, leaving Milo for the police.

Once Batman left, the Spectre returned and told Milo that it was time for his evil to consume him. Spectre turned Milo into living cheese, and released Milo's mutant rats, who quickly surrounded Milo, and ate him off-camera.