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Doctor Mid-Nite
MidNite BB

Real Name

Dr. Charles McNider






Justice Society of America

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Vision, Engineering, and Unarmed Combat

First Appearance

The Golden Age of Justice!

Voiced By

Corey Burton


"Degaton! But how?"



Dr. McNider was blinded when a grenade was thrown into his room. Undaunted, McNider continued his research with the help of his girlfriend, Myra Mason. After an encounter with an owl, who he later adopted and named "Hooty," he discovered he was able to see in the dark.

McNider developed a special set of goggles that gave him the ability to see at anytime of the day. He also devised Blackout Bombs and debuted in New York as the Mystery Man, Dr. Midnite. He made quick work of the criminal underworld and joined the Justice Society of America.

Back in WWII, he and the justice society fought Per Degaton who sought to control to world along with the Axis powers but was stopped at the Battle for Europe.

He and the rest of the Society helped train Batman and Black Canary. Years later, Dr. Midnite reunited with the team and fought an old enemy, Per Degaton. He shows disbelief that there old enemy could have somehow returned and is quickly taken down after Degaton brings to roof down on top of them. After healing the group with his medical expertise, Midnite and the rest of the society go after Degaton and face his Robot army. They are outmatched but after Batman gets his hands of the spear of destiny and turn the members back into there young selves the battle turns in there favor.

A short time later, he and the Society were attacked and implanted with Starro clones.

Powers and Abilities[]

Doctor Mid Nite is an expert at Engineering and Unarmed Combat and posses Enhanced Vision. He also acts as the medic for the team. His knowledge of engineering come in handy when he is shown to be able to correctly deduce the weak spots, (the neck) or Degaton's robots and chop the head off.