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Dinosaur Island
Dino saur isalnd


South Pacific




21st century

First Appearance

Terror on Dinosaur Island!

"This is one crazy mixed up island."


Dinosaur Island is a land mass not recorded on any map and exists in a perpetual state of flux outside of time. It is posited to exist in the South Pacific but other reports position it in the Atlantic Ocean. Life long thought extinct continues to thrive on the Island such as dinosaurs. In 1943, Ultra-Humanite established a base on the Island on behalf of the Axis Powers. He enslaved the local population of Dinosaurs and Pteradactyls. Batman investigated reports of downed Allied Planes near the Island and later the Creature Commandos, as well. They freed the creatures and Ultra-Humanite was last seen cornered in his compound. Batman and the Commandos took a boat and left with all evidence of the Island destroyed.

In recent times, Gorilla Grodd discovered the island and its unique properties were suitable for his needs. Establishing a base of operations on Dinosaur Island, Grodd was free to develop his technology and test it on unsuspecting ships passing by. The following year, a highly radioactive meteor crashed onto the island and mutated a nearby spider. The Challengers of the Unknown and Batman investigated and fought a Giant Spider. But were later attacked by a group of Starro clones.