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Despero BTBATB 001

Real Name








Abilities and Powers

Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Hypnosis, Flight, and Survival in Space

First Appearance

The Eyes of Despero!

Voiced By

Kevin Michael Richardson

“So this is the legendary Green Lantern Corps, how unbearably pathetic.”



Despero lived most of his life as an outcast on the planet, Kalanor. Because of his feeble appearance and aberrant third eye, Despero would have surely died. However, he came upon the Flame of Py'tar. After bathing in the flame, Despero discovered he was bestowed various pyschic abilities. Despero used his newfound power to challenge fate and take over the planet. The Justice League of America later freed the planet from Despero's tyranny. He swore revenge ever since then.

Eyes of Despero[]

Despero viewed the universe as chaotic and envisioned a new world order under his authority. He had previous knowledge of the existence of the Green Lantern Corps and concluded they would be the perfect army for him. Despero used his hypnotic powers to control a little under two dozen Green Lanterns. He was undaunted when Hal Jordan seemingly destroyed the Corps and went after the last remaining Green Lantern, Mogo. With Mogo, a living planet, in tow, Despero could take control of billions of minds with ease. His first target was Xudar in Space Sector 2813 and then planned to take Earth in 2814 and uses its population of super powered beings as his enforcers. An augmented Batman was able to buy enough time for G'Nort to free Mogo. In return, Mogo delivered the final blow to Despero

Powers and Abilities[]

Despero is an alien from the planet Kalanor, and in addition to a genius intellect possesses a third eye on his forehead capable of mind control, illusions, telekinesis, and telepathy. Despero is also empowered by the "Flame of Py'tar", a mystical source of power that grants him massive superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to alter his mass.