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Etrigan, Astaroth


Various Allies


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First Appearance

The Eyes of Despero!


Composed of evil energies, demons were believed to inhabit the Earth far before recorded time. When it was decided that humankind would inhabit this planet, the demons were delegated to a lower plane of existence. Most fought this and sought ways to seduce mankind and manipulate them into defeat. Divided into various hierarchies, demons range in their power and rank. Astaroth is of the First Hierarchy and is the demon prince of accusers and inquisitors. Other lower-class demons are low in sentience often act as servitors and fight for those who control them. Wotan summoned demons from flames lighting the Library of Infinity. Nearly invulnerable, the demons could only be vanquished by their own weapons. In another case, Gentleman Jim Craddock summoned demons using common objects as substitutes. A lamppost transformed into a giant demonic snake and Batman's cape was turned into a demonic bat.