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Deadman Full Body Small

Real Name

Boston Brand






Batman (Allies)

Abilities and Powers

Intangibility, Flight, Possession, and Acrobatics

First Appearance

Dawn of the Dead Man!

Voiced By

Michael Rosenbaum

"So we gonna stand here and twiddle or are we gonna get down to business?"




Deadman aka Boston Brand was a star trapeze artist for Haley's Circus. Brand was chosen as a random target of The Hook, an assassin vying to join the international League of Assassins. Instead of dying and moving on, Brand was restored by Rama Kushna, the goddess of balance, for his good deeds. Brand became his circus namesake, Deadman, a ghost. Deadman became discouraged that he would never be allowed to cross over to the next plane of existence and concluded he was cursed to wander the Earth. Unknown to him, Batman took on the case but was unsuccessful in solving it.

Dawn of the Dead Man![]

While in London, Deadman met Batman who astral projected his consciousness in search of help to free him being buried alive. Batman managed to convince Deadman that he may have a higher purpose. The two confronted Gentleman Ghost as he raised an army of undead convicts. During the battle, Deadman used his ability to possess others. When he leaves the person's body, they have no recollection of what happened and a temporary sensation. After the Ghost's defeat, Deadman was given the opportunity to cross over but he decided to be a hero and remained a ghost. Three months later, he helped Batman fight off members of the Triad.

Personality and Traits[]

Until Deadman met Batman, he had been extremely resentful that not only had no one cared about him (His death didn’t even make the papers) but he was cursed to wander the Earth. He was surprised to hear that Batman had been working his case and was looking for his killer.

Powers and Abilities[]

In addition to being a great acrobat, Deadman as a spirit could Fly and possess people. Deadman had at point possessed both Batman and Green Arrows partner Speedy.