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Cyborg Superman is a evil robotic verison of Superman.


Batman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) was stopping Cyborg Superman from destroying S.T.A.R. Labs But, he sees the ring and decides to come for the ring Hal ends up getting captured by Cyborg Superman and tries to get Hal to expose the secrets of the ring But, the ring goes to Earth and launches onto Batman while he was trying to take Ventriloquist and Scarface he defeat them and Salakk trains him until Kilowog comes in asking where's Hal Jordan But, Salakk saids that he's captured by Cyborg Superman on the planet Ranx and they go to the planet to save Hal the Lanterns go to Ranx only to find Manhunters there they battle the robots while Kilowog and Batman go inside the planet Batman finds Jordon and unites him Luckily, Hal has a plan and that Batman had one, too he explains that he reverse-engineered the Manhunter's power rod and Hal would go to the control room and shut the Manhunters down where Cyborg Superman actively had the Lanterns' rings to make him stronger and is about to kill Batman until Kilowog shows up and is defeated he tells Batman to think big as the ring does so much more he does But, only making him stronger that's when Batman is able to use the reversed power rod on him, shutting him down for good.