Batman: the Brave and the Bold Wiki
Creature Commandos

Base of Operations

Mobile; formerly the European theatre of operations during World War II; Dinosaur Island Affiliations

Team Leader(s)

Lt. Matthew Shrieve

Current Members

Wolfpack, Dr. Medusa, Patchwork, Vincent Velcro

Former Members





Ultra Humanite

First Apperance

Four Star Spectacular!


In 1941, the U.S. government collaborated with all branches to create Project M. Based in a secret laboratory annex under the Statue of Liberty, Professor Mazursky concluded humans were frightened by monsters and created a team of super soldiers with such a visage. Soldiers were recruited on a volunteer basis and formed the Creature Commandos. They were led by a regular soldier named Lieutenant Shrieve.

In 1943, the Commandos were deployed to investigate downed Allied planes and search for a missing special operative, Batman, in the South Pacific. Their plane was attacked by a Pteradactyl and the team landed on Dinosaur Island. The Commandos learned Ultra-Humanite enslaved the beasts and planned to use them to aid the Axis Powers. Batman arrived and told the team to target Humanite's remote control. The Commandos destroyed the device and freed all the creatures from mind control. Batman and the Commandos left the island by boat. By popular vote, the Commandos decided to keep the island a secret.