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Cosmic Treadmill


Flash (Barry Allen)


Flash (Barry Allen)


21st century

First Appearance

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!


The second Flash (Barry Allen) invented the Cosmic Treadmill to access other dimensions and travel through time. It is powered by radioactive pulses that are generated from a cosmic ray clock. The Treadmill releases positive radiation when moving forward and sends its user to the future, while negative radiation is released when moving backward, sending its user to the past. All a user had to do was program resonance waves from a chosen time into the Cosmic Treadmill and run at super speed to generate the pulse.

Eventually, the Treadmill was featured in the Flash Museum. After seeing the alleged ghost of Barry Allen, Batman deduced the Treadmill was picking up a residual frequency somewhere through the dimensional void and broadcasting in their universe. He then used a device to lock on to Allen's resonance wave. Kid Flash then programmed the Treadmill at 3456 9012 1238. He, Batman, and the first Flash ran the Treadmill and found themselves in the 25th century.