Coast City


United States of America




21st century

First Appearance

Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!


Coast City is located in northern California near Edwards Air Force Base and lies between San Francisco and Star City. It is popular for its majestic beaches and is headquarters for Ferris Aircraft, an elite American company specializing in aerospace. In recent times, Coast City has a resident superhero, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan).

It recently became a target of Tornado Tyrant as his first wave of destruction against mankind. Tyrant planned to create a tsunami wave to flood the city. Batman and Red Tornado intervened and saved Coast City. Months later, Ra's Al Ghul chose Coast City as the first target in his latest plan to restore Earth to a state of environmental paradise. Due to the intervention of Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Aqualad, Robin, and Speedy, Coast City suffered only minimal damage due to giant rampaging plant monsters.


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