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Cheetah BTBATB 001

Real Name

Priscilla Rich






Legion of Doom

Abilities and Powers

Acrobatics, Above Average Physical Attributes, Unarmed Combat, and Armed Combat

First Appearance

Triumvirate of Terror!

Voiced By

Morena Baccarin



The Cheetah, aka Priscilla Rich was a spoiled beauty and New York socialite. Priscilla came to resent the fame garnered by her nemesis Wonder Woman. After seeing a costumed reflection in a mirror, she used her room's cheetah-skin rug to craft a costume and became the Cheetah. Since then, she was the arch-nemesis of Wonder Woman and sought objects of great power.

While in Washington D.C., the Cheetah attempted to rob the Museum of Natural History. She tied up Steve Trevor but was defeated by Wonder Woman and knocked out of the building. After a meeting with Lex Luthor and the Joker, the Cheetah was tasked with destroying Superman. She donned the Amulet of Urzkartaga and was teleported into the Fortress of Solitude. With magic on her side and Kryptonite-laced nail polish, the Cheetah defeated the Man of Steel. Back at the Hall of Doom, Batman played into the villain's egocentrism and asked if the Cheetah would be given control of Metropolis. As the three villains bickered, the Big Three escaped their restraints. Cheetah was lassoed by Wonder Woman, had her feet frozen by Superman, and restrained in a bola by Batman.

Powers and Abilities[]

When she had the Amulet in “Triumvirate of Terror”, she stated that she had the power and strength of her "feline namesake.” She is very athletic, and can wield a sword during combat. She also seems to have enhanced endurance, as she was able to survived being thrown through the window of the Museum.