Real Name

Selina Kyle






Birds of Prey, Bat Family

Abilities and Powers

Above Average Physical Attributes, Acrobatics, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, Infiltration, Seduction, and Feline Empathy

First Appearance

Legends of the Dark Mite!

Voiced By

Nika Futterman

"You're the one who's caught, Catwoman, in the crooked claws of crime." - Batman

Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is a master thief in Gotham and an enemy of Batman.



Legends of the Dark-Mite

In this episode she makes a cameo as one of the villains in Bat-Mite's imagination.

Hail of the Tornado Tyrant

In this episode she makes a silent appearance in the teaser after Batman and Green Arrow chase Joker, and robs a museum while escaping in a panther airplane. Prior to the sequel teaser, they get knocked out.

Inside the Outsiders

This episode is the sequel to this teaser, where Batman and Green Arrow are trapped by Catwoman and her henchmen. Catwoman flirts with Batman, while he hopes to rehabilitate her, and Green Arrow watches in disgust. They both escape and defeat her and the henchmen, but Catwoman escapes, though leaves her number with Batman, telling him to "call her."

Death Race To Oblivion

She reappears in this episode as one of the heroes and villains kidnapped by Mongul and forced into his race across the desert. Utilizing a high-tech "Catmobile" equipped with various weapons and gadgets, Catwoman attempts to knock the Huntress out of the race by destroying her motorcycle. Unfortunately for her, Huntress outsmarts her and Catwoman ends up being taken out herself when her car is forced off a cliff. At the end of the episode, she and the rest of the villains are shown captured in a sphere created by Guy Gardner's power ring.

Night Of The Batmen

Catwoman also appears wearing a different costume although she only faces the Plasticman (batman replacement).

Powers and Abilities

While having no superpowers, Catwoman, like Batman, has many hand-to-hand combat skills and agility. She also uses a whip called Cat-O'-Nine-Tails in fighting.



  • Catwoman is based on that of the Earth-Two/Golden Age version of the character (mainly through her costume, personality, characterization, and portrayal). However, she does wear her Silver Age costume in the Night of the Batmen!.
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