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Captain Marvel, Jr.

Real Name

Freddy Freeman






Marvel Family, Teen Titans

Abilities and Powers

Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed and Impenetrability

First Appearance

The Malicious Mr. Mind!

Voiced By

John DeVito



Freddy Freeman was a well-mannered teenager living in New York City. He excelled in academics and athletics but he was orphaned when his parents died in a boating accident. Freeman moved to Fawcett City to live with his grandparents, Jacob and Elizabeth, and took on a job as a newsboy. He soon became one of Billy Batson's closest friends, too. But Freeman's life was soon in danger, prompting Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel to team up to save him. They brought the ailing Freeman to Shazam for help. Shazam only cryptically told them he didn't have the power to save Freeman. Mary Marvel deduced that he meant she and Captain Marvel could give him powers. Shazam was gratified by her wisdom and enchanted Freeman. When Freeman spoke the words "Captain Marvel," a lightning bolt struck and transformed him into Captain Marvel Junior. The Marvel Family was born.

During the Monster Society of Evil's crime spree, the Marvel Family was manipulated by Mr. Mind into disbanding. Batman managed to individually convince them to take up arms against Mr. Mind. In the aftermath, Mind was defeated by Batman, who was in the form of a not-so-mere baby. Captain Marvel Junior apprehended Mr. Mind.

Powers and Abilities

When Freddy speaks Captain Marvel's name, he gains acesss to the power of SHAZAM:

-Solomon's wisdom

-Hercules's strength

-Atlas's stamina

-Zeus's power

-Achilles's courage

-Mercury's speed