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Captain Atom
Captain Atom BTBATB 001

Real Name

Nathaniel Christopher "Nate" Adams






Justice League International, Justice League

Abilities and Powers

Energy Blast Projection, Flight, Enhanced Strength, Impenetrable Skin, Unarmed Combat, and Military Training

First Appearance


Voiced By

Brian Bloom



Former United States Air Force Captain Nathaniel Christopher Adam, aka Allen Adam, aka Cameron Scott, was atomized in a scientific experiment gone awry. He acquired super strength, flight, and energy blast projection. With these powers, Adam became Captain Atom. The hero garnered enemies like Major Force but he also took part in public service announcements with two child actors named Chris and Kyle. Captain Atom's motto was "Be a hero by remembering you're not."

Captain Atom, for all his might, was plagued by an arrogant, cocky, and self-serving attitude. He didn't understand why everyone thought Batman was the best superhero and felt he shouldn't be in the Justice League International. Just as he joined the Justice League International, Captain Atom was about to be presented a needed lesson in humility. A battle with Major Force left him without his powers. Captain pleaded with Batman to help him adjust to his limitations but he couldn't beat a common thief in a simulation. With Major Force on the rampage the League opposed him and Captain was assigned to monitor duty. When things looked bleak, Captain drove a jet to Earth and crashed into Major Force. The blast overloaded the stolen Quantum Vacuum Force wore. As it detonated, Captain Atom jumped atop it to shield everyone. Luckily, the explosion restored Captain's powers. However, he didn't really learn his lesson.

Powers and Abilities[]

-Near Superman level super strength and invulnerability

-Energy projection, manipulation, and absorption


-Super speed