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Calendar Man
Calendar man

Real Name

Julian Day







Abilities and Powers

Enigma and Engineering (Animate Holiday Icons)

First Appearance

Mayhem of the Music Meister!

Voiced By

Jim Piddock

“Calendar Man! Wait…calendar man?"



Calendar Man was a holiday themed criminal who seemed to simply rob banks. In the episode Legends of the Dark Mite he is summoned by Bat Mite after Batman tricks him into summoning one of the wimpier villains. He quietly whispers to Calendar Man to “take a dive” so Batman can get rid of Bat Mite. However, Bat Mite is not impressed with this so he transforms Calendar Man into Calendar King with the power to bring holiday creatures to life.

Calender King

Calender King.

Calendar King then conjures Jack O'Lantern Monsters, Santa Claus bikers, uber-patriotic Uncle Sam’s, and Mutant Easter Bunnies. Even though Bat Mite thinks that this may be a bit too weird a quick trip to the Comic Con changes his mind. Batman quickly outwits Calendar Kings minions and delivers a solid punch turning him back into Calendar Man and Bat Mite returns him to “wherever he plucked him from”.

Calendar Man is later seen, very briefly in the episode Mayhem of the Music Meister. He is shown to be incarcerated in Arkham Asylum showing that he is indeed insane and supposedly obsessed with holidays.

Calendar Man

Powers and Abilities[]