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Bronze Tiger
Bronze Tiger

Real Name

Ben Turner






Wong Fei

Abilities and Powers

Martial Arts

First Appearance

Return of the Fearsome Fangs!

Voiced By

Gary Sturgis



Bronze Tiger aka Ben Turner grew up in Central City. One night, he witnessed a burglar attack his parents. Since then, he channeled a deep rage and searched for a way to control it. He eventually turned to Asia where he studied martial arts. Turner eventually became a student of Master Wong Fei. He was considered Wong Fei's best student, but Turner was never acknowledged as such for being too full of pride. Turner would never bow before Master Wong Fei or anyone for that matter. He also developed contempt for his classmate, Fox. In a way, Fox was his opposite. Fox was wealthy and fought for thrills. Turner was penniless and fought to protect. He soon became dissatisfied and left the Temple prematurely thinking he mastered Wudang.

Turner traveled to a village and nominated himself as its protector. As Bronze Tiger, he constructed the Tiger Cage and challenged anyone to fight him. He soon nursed a undefeated record with 65 victories until Batman arrived and requested his help in fighting the Terrible Trio. Bronze Tiger obliged Batman, only because his desire to confront Fox was still strong. When surrounded by the empowered Shadow Clan and Terrible Trio, he used his wits to fool Fox into a false sense of security. He surrendered to save his village and bowed to Fox. This was only to get close enough to knock the Wudang Totem free. Batman and Bronze Tiger embraced the totem and transformed. Bronze Tiger defeated Fox and broke his arms and legs in the process.

After returning the totem to Wudang, he decided to stay, relocate his village there, and restart the school. Soon after, he challenged Batman to a rematch. Months later, Bronze Tiger was attacked by Faceless Hunter and implanted with a Starro clone.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bronze Tiger is a master of the martial arts and considered to be one of the best in the DC universe, even better than the famed Batman.