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Brainiac BTBATB 001

Real Name

Vril Dox






Faceless Hunter

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Intelligence, Electronic Communication, Technopathy, Regeneration, and Duplication

First Appearance

Siege of Starro, Part Two!

Voiced By

Richard McGonagle

"People of Metropolis, congratulations; I have chosen your city to be the first to repopulate my destroyed planet. The shrinking process will commence, immediately."
- Brainiac; Battle of the Super Heroes



Vril Dox aka Brainiac was created on Colu by its ruling class, the Computer Tyrants, to act as a humanoid interface for the planet's expanding data network. Its primary function was to collect, catalogue, and store data. The Tyrants, fearing rebellion, expanded Brainiac's role to a spy. As a cover, it was given the name Vril Dox and created a son, Vril Dox II. It successfully rooted out the rebels and realized that it was superior to the Tyrants. The Tyrants and Coluans allied to defeat Brainiac. It fled the planet, settled on Bryak, fled it, too, and reassessed its original programming to collect data. Brainiac decided it was necessary to upgrade itself and become powerful to digitize the entire universe.

Brainiac eventually acquired the Shrinking Ray, a device capable of shrinking anyone and anything. It used the weapon on Kandor, capital of Krypton, that it considered a model of perfection that it was jealous of. For decades, Brainiac journeyed across the universe and stole populated cities. Brainiac was defeated by Superman. Intrigued by Superman, Brainiac returned several times to triumph against Superman, Batman and Robin, but failed. Eventually, it was hunted by the Faceless Hunter and killed in combat. Hunter stuffed and mounted Brainiac aboard his space cruiser. It appears Brainiac's consciousness escaped or it was merely a drone.

Brainiac later invaded Metropolis again, with his pet Koko, and declared he chose it to repopulate his destroyed planet. Before he could use his Shrinking Ray, Batman and Superman defeated him.

Powers and Abilities