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Boom Tubes




New Gods


21st century

First Appearance

Darkseid Descending!


The Boom Tube is an informal term assigned to extradimensional wormholes generated by the New Gods to instantly travel from one point to another, no matter what the distance. Allegedly, all one has to do is think of the desired location and the Mother Box summons a Boom Tube. Though never explained, it is known that Element X acts as a matter threshold for a Boom Tube to draw power from. The large booming sound is a result of this interaction and the origin of its nickname. It can remain open for only eight seconds. As a precautionary measure, the New Gods have developed a shielding technology that can prevent booming into a desired area.

New Gods have used Boom Tubes to travel to any planet, whether it is New Genesis, Apokolips, Earth, or some alien homeworld. There is also evidence that the interstellar fleets of both New Gods groups are outfitted with a Mother Box but never confirmed. Darkseid's flag ship requires a Boom Tube Generator be constructed on the destination planet in order to properly teleport it. The Question was able to learn how to reverse the frequency of the Boom Tubes and teleport all of Apokolips' invasion forces back to its home planet. The data may prove useful in preventing future incursions, as the Watchtower could only previously detect the presence of Boom Tubes.