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Blue Bowman
Blue Bowman BTBATB 001

Real Name

Oliver Queen






Injustice Syndicate

Abilities and Powers

Archery, Hand to Hand Combat, and Above Average Physical Attributes

First Appearance

Deep Cover for Batman!

Voiced By

James Arnold Taylor

"End of the line Hero!"



Nothing is known about Blue Bowman at the time, save for the fact that he was a member of Owlman's team. When Batman infiltrated Owlman's world, Blue Bowman was one of the villains he fought. Blue Bowman is one of the first to speak up when Batman (disguised as Owlman) returns from Earth-23. He expresses disgust when Scarlet Scarab says that they can't actually be serious about blowing up the world although Scarab quickly shows that he was joking. Later when the gang travels to steal the chemical needed to complete Silver Cyclone's bomb, Blue Bowman asks Owlman why he's concerned about the whole plan saying that there is nobody to stop them. He is the one who opens fire on Red Hood first.

Later when complimenting that Owlman took Red Hood down hard, Owlman retorts saying that he did it faster than Bowman would have. Bowman then says that Owlman's been acting strange ever since he came back from the parallel earth. Owlman then punches him in the jaw hard saying that if he questions his authority again that he'll do worse. Bowman mumbles that he gets it, but now more suspicious then ever of Owlman. He then asks Dyna Mite to spy on him and when it is revealed that it is not really Owlman but Batman, the Scarlet Scarab, Blue Bowman and Dyna Mite all chase after him and attack. They believe he is dead until seeing alive, Bowman questions who the vigilante is only to be knocked out as his attacker reveals his identity as Batman.

He appears concious in the final battle between Earth 3s heroes and villains. In the battle his bow is broken by Batman who then quickly knocks him out and throws him into a cell with Barracuda. When Silver Cyclone reveals that his bomb only eradicates organic matter, Bowman tells his comrade to destroy Batman's world and flies into rage when Cyclone reveals his duplicitous side and labels him a 'Backstabbing Robot'.

Powers and Abilities[]

Much like Green Arrow. The Blue Bowman uses a variety of trick arrows. However, he prefers explosives and razar sharp arrows to his counterparts non lethal methods.