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Blue Beetle
Ted Kord

Real Name

Ted Kord






K.O.R.D. Enterprises

Abilities and Powers

Genius, Engineering, Technology, and Unarmed Combat

First Appearance

Fall of the Blue Beetle!

Voiced By

Wil Wheaton


His friends, Beetle themed technology, Helping people, Money

Eye Color

Black little dots


Booster Gold (very close relationship) Batman (Friendship) Dan Garett (Deceased Mentor)

Smiling Ted Kord

Ted Kord smiling with Booster Gold

Ted Kord side-eye



Blue Beetle aka Ted Kord inherited a small technology corporation, Kord Omniversal Research and Development (K.O.R.D.) Enterprises from his late father. Kord wanted more from life and desired adventure. Dan Garrett, Kord's mentor, revealed himself as the Blue Beetle. On his deathbed, Garrett convinced Kord to carry on the legacy of Blue Beetle. Kord was unable to activate the Scarab. Undaunted, he trained himself in a variety of fighting skills and used his 192 I.Q. to develop an arsenal of non-lethal weapons including the BB Gun and flight pads. Based in Hub City, Kord became the Blue Beetle and built a secret headquarters under K.O.R.D. Enterprises. As a mode of transportation, he invented a hovercraft he nicknamed "The Bug."

As Blue Beetle, he quickly earned the respect of the citizens of Hub City and even Batman. In the meantime, he entrusted the Scarab to his uncle, Jarvis Kord, in hopes he could activate it. Blue Beetle became close friends with Batman and Booster Gold. Together they defeated various villains and escaped death traps; with Batman in Athens and with Booster in Bludhaven. Missing his long dead friend, Booster Gold traveled two years to this point in time to solve one last case with Blue Beetle. Together, they went after the Madniks at S.T.A.R. Labs and finally caught them. However, after analyzing security footage, Beetle realized the Madniks were mutated. He then teamed up with the time traveling Booster Gold and Batman. He figured out how to return the Madniks back into their normal selves by reversing the energy output of his BB Gun and broadcasting the signal from Booster's force field generator.

Upon returning to headquarters, Beetle noticed a voice message left by Batman revealing Jarvis Kord's evil intentions. Batman and Blue Beetle soon discovered Kord was planning to use the Scarab in a plot to take over Hub City. Unable to stop the rocket used to deploy the robot army, Blue Beetle hid the Scarab on the rocket to ensure it would find a worthy heir and destroyed the on board guidance system. As a result, the rocket exploded, scattered the Scarab, and Ted Kord died. He made the ultimate sacrifice as a hero and his legacy lives on with Jaime Reyes.

Powers and Abilities[]

Like Batman before him, Ted posses no super powers, instead relying on his wits and natural abilities to aid him in his adventures.