Blackgate Penitentiary


Gotham City




21st century

First Appearance

Night of the Huntress!


Gotham State Penitentiary is a prison located on a small island in Gotham Bay of Gotham City. It was later re-named Blackgate Penitentiary. Unlike Arkham Asylum, Blackgate is where criminals who are not deemed insane such as various henchmen, mobsters, and mafia bosses are incarcerated when they are captured. However, due to overcrowding issues several criminals have served time in both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary.

Joe Chill visited his boss, Lew Moxon. In order to make amends for a botched robbery, Chill vowed to make Thomas Wayne suffer for acting out against them. This event was witnessed by Batman and the Spectre. Decades later, Babyface and Mrs. Manface freed several of their henchmen from Blackgate in a daring raid. Skeleton Keyes, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Polecat Perkins, and Hammer Toes escaped with Babyface and Mrs. Manface. Other villains, like the Shark, also escaped. Batman, Blue Beetle, and Huntress subdued the remaining villains hoping to escape and get revenge.


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