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Black Mask

Real Name

Roman Sionis






False Face Society

Abilities and Powers

Organized Crime and Strategy

First Appearance

Plague of the Prototypes!

Voiced By

John DiMaggio



Black Mask aka Roman Sionis inherited Janus Cosmetics, a multi-million dollar company, after his parents died in a fire. Sionis' lack of experience led to Janus' bankruptcy. Wayne Industries bought out the company but Sionis became obsessed with getting his company back. He fashioned a black mask from his father's coffin and attacked Wayne Industries employees. During a battle against the Batman, the black mask was burned into his face permanently. He was left with no finger prints nor distinguishing marks, too.

Since then he became known as Black Mask, and used his wealth to create a vast organization called the False Face Society. The Society acquired cutting edge technology in an effort to blackmail Gotham City for large sums of money. He also developed a brilliant criminal mind and drafted strategies to combat the law in Gotham. And any of his followers who hesitated or failed him in some way were killed on the spot.

After escaping the Bat-Robots during a robbery at the First National Bank of Gotham, Black Mask had his second hack into and reprogram the robots. Then, while robbing a bank downtown, Black Mask proceeded to disable the Batmobile and seal Batman in it like a coffin. He then devised a plan to secure control of Gotham City. He would arm each Bat-Robot with a C-47 Nuke-Laced Explosive and have them strike at specific locations. With part of the city blown up, the survivors would be scared into giving him complete reign over Gotham. While patching into Gotham Cable, Black Mask was confronted by Batman, Bathound, and Proto. He managed to escape and activated the emergency override on the sixth and last Bat-Robot. Proto flew the bomb into the sky where it safely exploded and Batman rendered Black Mask unconscious. He was taken into police custody and imprisoned at Arkham Asylum.

Some time after, Black Mask and the False Face Society robbed a Classic Jewelry store. As they fled the scene, Batman arrived. However, he was previously turned into a vampire. After defeating the Society, Batman pursued Black Mask to an alley and fed on him.

Powers and Abilities[]