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Black Lightning

Real Name

Jefferson Pierce







Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Enter the Outsiders!

Voiced By

Bumper Robinson

“Hugs do not solve everybody’s problems!”

Black Lightning is a member of the Outsiders, and a former sidekick of Batman.



Black Lightning aka Jefferson Pierce ran away from his home in Metropolis ' Suicide Slums, a notoriously impoverished community. Pierce also had the power of electromagnetism and could generate bolts of electricity. He was eventually recruited to join an underground collective called the Outsiders. Slug, the leader, manipulated his recruits with propaganda about the decay of society. Due to his upbringing, Pierce could only agree with Slug.

Enter the Outsiders![]

Renamed Black Lightning, he, Katana, and Metamorpho began making destructive raids on various shopping malls. Batman opposed them at every turn but the trio managed to escape capture. However, after watching and listening to Wildcat's experiences, Black Lightning began to realize the error of his ways. Along with Katana and Metamorpho, Black Lightning is under the tutelage of Wildcat. Black Lightning is also nurturing his natural hand to hand fighting skills with Wildcat.

Inside the Outsiders![]

Kidnapped by Psycho Pirate, Lightning confronted and overcame his anger issues and his unusual childhood fear of Uni the Unicorn.

Siege of Starro[]

Months later, Black Lightning donned a new costume and was shortly attacked by Faceless Hunter. Lightning lost and was implanted with a mind controlling Starro clone.

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster![]

During a mission to stop the Kobra Cult's latest agenda, Batman summoned the Outsiders to help defeat them. During the battle, Black Lightning uses his electrical powers to sever the head off a statue animated by the demon Kali-Yuga.

Personality and Traits[]

In Inside the Outsiders, it is shown that his hatred of society comes from many everyday annoyances. Such as a man forgetting to clean up after his dog, a woman wearing white after labor day and especially the mascot for a kids T.V program who tells kids that hugs can solve all there problems.

Powers and Abilities[]

Black Lightning was able to conduct electricity through his body and shoot it out of his hands. He was also a capable boxer being trained by Wildcat.



  • This version of the character is younger than most other incarnations.