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Big Barda
Big Barda

Real Name

Barda Free




New God


Batman (Allies)

Abilities and Powers

Super strength, endurance, reflexes and speed

First Appearance

The Last Bat On Earth!

Voiced By

Diane Delano


Mister Miracle (husband)



Over 250 years ago, Big Barda was born on the planet Apokolips. After being raised in Granny Goodness' Home for Orphaned Youth, Barda was conditioned to become a great warrior. Eventually, she joined the elite Female Fury Battalion. While on a raid, she encountered Scott Free and fell in love with him. She helped him escape Apokolips and later reunited with Free on Earth. The couple proves that opposites attract. Mr. Miracle is a pacifist and prefers to avoid violence while Big Barda is a seasoned warrior and won't hesitate to fight.

Eager for a life of adventure, Barda willingly traveled with Mr. Miracle and Oberon on their tour to showcase the art of escapology. Miracle eventually convinced Barda to settle down with him and retire in Bailey, New Hampshire. Surprisingly, Barda adapted to the role of housewife easily but still participated in various heroics. Despite all her power, she has so far been unable to make her husband clean out the garage. Months later, husband and wife were forced into an army of heroes implanted with Starro clones.

Powers and Abilities[]

Barda has superhuman strength and endurance; being an Apokoliptian, she is also immortal. She is a master combatant, having been trained in all forms of Apokiliptian warfare.She is one of the deadliest hand-to-hand combatants alive.

She wields a high tech weapon called a "Mega-rod", which produces extremely powerful concussive energy bolts capable of felling even Superman, teleport herself and others extremely long distance, increase gravitational forces, and works as a powerful melee weapon. She can also summon and use "Aero-Discs", which allow her to fly, and Apokoliptian armor, which augments her already superhuman strength.