Batgirl BTBATB 001

Real Name

Barbara Joan Gordon






Bat Family

Abilities and Powers

Above Average Intelligence, Hacking, Deduction, Photographic Memory, Martial Arts, and Technology

First Appearance

The Last Patrol!

Voiced By

Mae Whitman


Commissioner Gordon (father)

"This larcenist lepidopterist is going to be molting in the state pen"

Batgirl is a former sidekick of Batman.



Dr. Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and holds a doctorate degree in library science and is the head administrator of the Gotham City Public Library. Inspired by Batman, Gordon decided to become a superhero out of pure altruism unlike Batman or Robin, whose aims were to avenge the murders of their parents.

Batgirl debuted by infiltrating Killer Moth's Mothcave and teaming up with her idol Batman. She took out the Moth Men and Killer Moth by herself. When Batman inquired about her secret identity, Batgirl teased him and grappled away. They became quite a team afterwards. Recently, Batgirl and Batman were captured by the Penguin and lured into a death trap, setting off her nostalgia. They escaped and both later teamed up with Nightwing to stop the Spinner from robbing a bank. She and Nightwing tracked down Batwoman and Felix Faust then raced to find the Riddler before Batman, whose body was stolen by Batwoman, could kill the supervillain.

Personality and Traits

Bat Girl is a fun, loving and spunky teenager much like the old Robin was. She also seems to enjoy bantering between villains and heroes alike and takes sort of a carefree out look on life even towards the most dangerous of situations.


  • When Batgirl fights Killer Moth's henchmen she stands in front of a creature that resembles Silkie from the Teen Titans.
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