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Bat Vampire
Bat vampire

Real Name

Bruce Wayne






Batmen of the Multiverse

Abilities and Powers

Worlds Greatest Detective

First Appearance

Game Over for Owlman!

Voiced By

Diedrich Bader



Bat Vampire is one of the many Batmen of the Multiverse who came to the aid of Batman in his fight against Owlman. On Earth-1191, while investigating a series of murders of Gotham's homeless, Batman discovers that the murders are being committed by a family of vampires led by Dracula. With the aid of a rogue vampire called Tanya, who was a member of Dracula's brood until the sight of an innocent child drove her to flee from him, Batman created a "blood substitute" to spare her. He discovered with the substitute, he is able to acquire the strength necessary to stand against Dracula while still holding onto his humanity. Determined to destroy Dracula's minions, Batman lured them into the Batcave, where Tanya and her followers keep them occupied until Batman detonated multiple explosive charges, destroying Wayne Manor and exposing the cave to sunlight, destroying all the vampires within it. Using his new wings, Batman flies to confront Dracula, eventually impaling the vampire lord on a tree that was destroyed by lightning. During the battle, Dracula drained the last of Batman's blood. Bruce Wayne may be gone, but the Batman is immortal.