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Rise of the Blue Beetle!

“See! Utility Belt!”


The Bat Suit was the costume and armor worn by the dark knight. Batman wears a slightly modified version of the blue and gray suit worn during the Silver Age comics from the 1960s and 1970s. The batsuit also resembles the "New Look" costume. According to the show's creators, this was deliberately done to invoke a less dark and violent depiction of Batman following the release of The Dark Knight.

Though similar in appearance to the older costumes, this Batsuit is unique in and that it possesses a much larger amount of gadgetry than any other costume shown to date, and has many characteristics of the Batsuit in Batman Beyond. Thus far, this version of the Batsuit has been shown to not only contain multiple Batarangs and other standard Bat-paraphernalia, but also a collapsible sword (hidden inside his utility belt with a sound similar to a lightsaber), glider, wings, deep space gear, scuba equipment, and multiple rocket thrusters. Also, the emblem on Batman's chest can now transform into an emergency Batarang, becoming hard and rigid after being exposed to some sort of magnetic field emitted by the suit. Also the 'ears' on the mask can become long blades with the push of a button, sharp enough to pierce a robot's head, Also the three blades on batman's gloves can merge together and form a crescent shaped blade which batman can throw like a batarang.

Batman's cape can turn into jet wings which also has two miniguns on them.

In the episode Game Over for Owlman, the villain Owlman steals one of Batman's costumes that looks identical to the original Detective Comics #27 design from 1939, and commits a series of crimes to frame the Caped Crusader.

In a flashback sequence from the episode The Color of Revenge, Batman is shown wearing a slightly different costume that has the chest emblem from the Golden Age comics from the 1940s, 1950s, from the Silver Age comics from 1955-1964 in addition the teaser of the episode has Batman sporting various Bat suits in different colors, as an homage to Detective Comics #241.

In another flashback during The Golden Age of Justice, a much younger Batman is shown wearing the original Bob Kane outfit during training sessions with the Justice Society.