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21st century

First Appearance

Plague of the Prototypes!


The Bat-Robots are a squad of robot soldiers created by and in the likeness of Batman to patrol Gotham City when he was away on call. They are the successors to the Proto Bat-Bot, run on a nano-synthetic operating system, and have a variety of offenses at their disposal. Oddly enough, they also display Batman's witty retorts, as well. Virtually unstoppable, the Bat-Robots were later reprogrammed by the villain Black Mask as his own vanguard. After defeating Batman, they were ordered to steal a case of C-47 Nuke-Laced Explosives and take down the False Face Society. Black Mask was planning to terrorize Gotham with mobile nuclear bombs, the Bat-Robots strapped to a nuclear explosive.

Five of the six Bat-Robots were programmed to strike specific areas while the sixth was rogue and allowed to pick a target at random. Proto destroyed three total, including one attacking the Gotham State Building, and Batman and Ace the Bathound destroyed two, one headed for the subway and one at Gotham City Police Department headquarters. The sixth landed on a crowded street and began the detonation process. Black Mask then activated the emergency override to set off the bomb immediately. Proto flew it off into the sky and survived.