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Baroness Von Gunter
Paula von Gunther

Real Name

Paula von Gunther






Axis Powers

Abilities and Powers

Above Average Intelligence, Strategy, Science, and Unarmed Combat

First Appearance

Scorn of the Star Sapphire!

Voiced By

Eliza Jane Schneider



Baroness Von Gunther chose the path of violence and planned to take over the world. She was considered a brilliant strategist and scientist but has an external device that can encase her an iron clad armor for hand to hand combat. Von Gunther is a person of interest by the G.P.A. (Global Peace Agency) in present times. In her latest plot, Von Gunther was going to launch two missiles at the Geneva Arms Conference. Leaders of two dozen nations were in attendance. She would then lead her army and conquer each country. Batman and Steve Trevor, a G.P.A. operative, attempted to infiltrate her castle stronghold and stop her, but were captured. Von Gunther had the duo tied to each missile. Luckily, Wonder Woman arrived. She defeated Von Gunther and destroyed both missiles.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Baroness has no powers, but has a robot suit that she uses in battles.