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Babyface BTBATB 001

Real Name

Alfonso Vincenzo Giuseppe Face






Mrs. Manface

Abilities and Powers

Organized Crime

First Appearance

Journey to the Center of the Bat!

Voiced By

Tom Kenny



Babyface is a chief figure in the criminal underworld and classified as Public Enemy 3-4-2. However, he suffers from an aberration that gives him his namesake. Babyface has the body of a normal adult but the head of a baby. Babyface's M.O. is robbing places with an appeal to children. Batman and Plastic Man first teamed up to capture Babyface and his gang after they robbed the First National Bank. They tailed him to a high speed train. Plastic Man disabled his gun while Batman delivered the crushing blow. Some time later, he attempted to rob the safe stored in a candy factory. Elongated Man, Plastic Man, and Batman prevented his escape.

Babyface recently married Miss Manface. A minority of his gang voiced disapproval over this union. However, it appears that Babyface's infamous temper tantrums escalate when anyone insults Mrs. Manface. In return, Manface is the only person capable of calming him.

Somehow, Babyface discovered the location of Warehouse X and planned to use its contents to become the de facto mob boss in Gotham City. First, he needed his gang who were locked away at Blackgate Prison. He and Mrs. Manface staged a daring jailbreak to release them: Skeleton Keyes, Polecat Perkins, Hammer Toes, and Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. Batman, and later Huntress and Blue Beetle, arrived to stop Babyface. He escaped capture by creating a diversion by releasing the other super villains. With giant exo-suits in his possession, Babyface crashed the annual summit of Gotham crime families to announce his ascension. Batman converted his Batmobile into his own exo-suit and defeated Babyface and Mrs. Manface. They reside at Iron Heights.

Powers and Abilities[]