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When she was twenty, Dahl became famous for a brief period when she played the title character in the TV sitcom Love That Baby. She and the show were wildly popular, but as the series got older, the ratings dwindled. In the final season, the producers of the show decided to add a new character; Baby Doll's cousin Spunky. Dahl was angry at Spunky because she thought that he was stealing her spot light, especially on one occasion on her birthday episode, where he pushed her face into her birthday cake. Furious, Dahl quit the show in order to pursue a career as a dramatic actress. Her first dramatic role was in Macbeth. Unfortunately, the reviews for the play and her acting were terrible, ruining Dahl's chances of becoming a popular actress. When her career went down the toilet, she tried to get Love That Baby back on the air because it had been canceled when she left, but the networks turned her down. After that, Dahl tried to get any job that came her way, but was always shunned and never got the role. Without a job, Dahl went through a rough, depressing period of her life where she realized that the only time when she had been truly happy was when she was in the show as Baby Doll, when she used to have a "family" in the show and was adored by millions of viewers.

Fun Haus had a doll that bared a striking resemblance to her which he rigged with a time bomb and threw at Batman and Red Tornado, but Batman threw the bomb in the air and Red Tornado used his powers to explode the doll.

Powers and Abilities[]