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Ape Men
Ape Men

Base of Operations

Earth A.D.

Team Leader(s)

General Ramjam

Current Members

Various members, Tiny


Gorilla Grodd


Tiger Empire, Rat Men, Lion Men, Bear Men, Serpent Men,

First Appearance

Last Bat on Earth


Centuries after the Great Disaster, the species known as the Ape People became one of the most powerful and growing clans of all the Animal Men. They established the Gorilla Communes, a dominion that covers the mid-west region of the former United States of America. Czar Simian is its leader and its armies are commanded by General Ramjam. The Ape People and the Tiger People were in constant conflict over land and fought for years. Several odd features of the Apes are their hatred of being incorrectly referred to as other species such as monkeys or chimpanzees and the army tends to prematurely retreat.

While regrouping, Ramjam was challenged by Gorilla Grodd for command of the army. He consented to a battle of physical strength to which he lost. Grodd then outfitted the army with his technology and marched them onto the Tiger Empire. The Apes were defeated by a coalition of Bear People, Lion People, Rat People, and Serpent People created by Prince Tuftan, Batman, Kamandi, and Dr. Canus. After Tiny was defeated and Grodd captured, the army retreated back into the Gorilla Commune.