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Alien Who Doomed Robin
Alien Who Doomed Robin

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Abilities and Powers

Magnetic Field Generation, Pyrokinesis, Flight, Air Manipulation, and Life Force Theft

First Appearance

Legends of the Dark Mite!

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Far away from Earth, there lives a race of green oblong shaped aliens with tentacles. One of their kind purchased a barren asteroid and devised a get rich scheme. He would create the most fantastic tourist attraction in the galaxy by exhibiting cities of other worlds. Instead of creating duplicates, the alien armed himself with a shrink ray gun and traveled to planets. He stole buildings from Lak, Krog, Zarnes and Vorno. His last stop was on Earth and landed on the outskirts of Gotham City. While shrinking the new Avalon Homes community, the alien encountered Batman, Robin, and Superman. He set the Ajax Chemical Warehouse on fire and fled the scene. The alien then shrank and stole the Gotham Bridge and Gotham City Museum. While heading due west to his hideout, the alien used its unique power to steal life force. Unable to use it on Superman, he stole Robin's. Any pain felt by the alien would be felt by Robin, too. To make matters worse, if Robin didn't regain his life force in four hours he would die.

Luckily, Batman noticed a brief break in the connection between the two. After consulting with Superman, he realized the alien's weakness was gasoline fumes. Using the Batmobile, Batman surrounded him in fumes and Superman delivered the knockout blow. Superman then studied the alien's navigation charts and returned him back to his home planet. After explaining what happened to the alien's people, they agreed to restore the buildings, return them to their respective planets, and imprison the alien. As a token of appreciation and trophy, they shrunk the alien's house and gave it to Superman to give to Robin. Years later, Bat-Mite conjured this alien along with many other past villains and beasts to fight Batman.

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