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Alfred Pennyworth

Real Name

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth






Bat Family

Abilities and Powers

Chauffeur, Espionage, Medic, Mechanic, and Writing

First Appearance

Invasion of the Secret Santas!

Voiced By

James Garrett



Born and raised in England, Alfred Pennyworth followed in his mother's footsteps as a theater actor instead of becoming a butler for the Wayne Family in Gotham City like his father and grandfather before him. Pennyworth later entered the British military. After quitting the service, Pennyworth became engaged with younger woman only to find out she cheated on him. When his father passed away, Alfred decided to fulfill his father's obligation and became family butler to Thomas and Martha Wayne, just as their son Bruce was born.

When Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered, Pennyworth raised Bruce. He witnessed Bruce make a bedside promise to his parents. Pennyworth did his best to prevent Bruce from falling into the darkness of guilt over his parents' deaths and acted as a surrogate father. He shared in Wayne's desire for justice and willingly went along with Wayne's plan. Pennyworth covers for him when the world needs Batman, helps maintain the Bat Cave, and is a constant source of advice and inspiration. In his spare time, Pennyworth writes detective stories based on Batman. His latest was titled, "The Knights of Tomorrow!", and explored the lives of Batman's successors. He was the second victim of Batman, after the Dark Knight was bitten by a vampire.


Alfred as Batman.

While Bruce Wayne was utilizing the Bat Computer to try and find the best item to donate to the Superhero Memorial, Lex Luthor teleported into the Batcave. While Wayne ducked to safety to change into Batman, Pennyworth donned a Batman costume and distracted Lex Luthor with Bat Grenades. When Batman stepped forward, Pennyworth gladly the ended.

Powers and Abilities[]