Age Reversing Youth Ray


Dr. Sivana


Dr. Sivana


21st century

First Appearance

The Malicious Mr. Mind!


TBA The Age Reversing Youth Ray is one of Dr. Sivana's inventions. As the name suggests, a blast from this ray gun will exponentially reverse the age and growth of its victim. During a theft of a special lens, Batman was hit by the Ray and slowly turned into a baby. Anticipating Sivana's betrayal, Mr. Mind reprogrammed his death ray to mimic the properties of the Age Reversing Youth Ray in reverse. Acting like a growth ray, Mr. Mind was transformed into an older gigantic behemoth. Luckily, Batman managed to reverse the ray's effect and restore Mr. Mind to his normal form. With time running out, the Marvel Family subjected Batman to the ray and restored him, as well.


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