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Abra Kadabra
Abra and Zatanna

Real Name

Citizen Abra


Earth (64th century)




The Rogues

Abilities and Powers

Jeff Bennett

First Appearance

Chill of the Night!

Voiced By

Jeff Bennett



In the 64th century, super science reigns supreme. Nobody was amused by Citizen Abra's magic tricks. He stole a time machine and went back to the 20th century with his era's technology. As Abra Kadabra, he sought to become famous and admired but that never materialized. He turned to crime to get the attention he desired. Kadabra's main weapon is a slim magician's wand, which is the source of his power. He is most known for turning innocent civilians into mindless human puppets.

Recently at a museum in Gotham City, Abra Kadabra appeared to steal the Presto! Treasures of Magic display. It held the creations of the world's greatest stage magicians such as Harry Houdini and Howard Thurston. Batman and Zatanna challenged him. After escaping from a water death trap, Batman knocked Kadabra's wand from his grasp. A silenced Zatanna snapped the wand and everything reverted to normal. He attempted to flee the scene but was sucked into Zatanna's top hat. She then pulled him out, miniature and imprisoned in a bird cage.

Abra was confounded why the Flash was able to defeat him and realized the reason was temporal paradoxes. He returned to the 21st century with a copy of Picture News article that revealed the death of the Flash (again). He was content with someone else killing the Flash but unwittingly helped Flash defeat the Mirror Master by pointing out his dental deficiencies. Abra was enraged and blasted a clone of the Flash. Unaware the Flash switched places with a mirror clone, Abra was shocked he changed history and returned to the 64th century to verify.

Powers and Abilities[]

Zee gagged

Abra Kadabra used 64th century technology to perform feats which appeared to be real magic. The main source of his powers is his wand. Without it, he is defenseless. By uttering the phrase "Abra Kadabra!", it would produce just about any effect he desired. During his appearances he displayed the following powers:

- Teleportation/Time travel: he would often appear out of nowhere in a flash and could even teleport from one era to another.

- Transmutation: he could turn humans into wooden puppets which were completely under his control.

- Conjuration: Abra could conjure objects out of thin air such as an elaborate death trap for Batman.

- Levitation: he was frequently seen levitating. This seemed to be his main mode of locomotion.

- Energy projection: his wand fired off green blasts of energy which could apparently disintegrate people.