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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/20/2015

Bring back Batman: The Brave and The Bold!

Do you miss Brave and the Bold? I do too. I just started a petition to bring it back on the air -- with enough signatures we could get some new episodes!
Follow the link, sign, and share!
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• 2/8/2014

help us

to anyone that can read thise forum this is mrjosh1994 and me and jacknapier10 need we need you to help us edit the batman the brave and the bold wiki make new pages and upload new photos from seires and comics to help us make this wiki better to look at so join us and help us?
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• 2/7/2014

how many heroes

this is quize not about editing how many heroes appeared in batman the brave and the bold plus comics
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• 2/6/2014

what will the Justice League International TV series be about ?

it will be about the members of the justice league international who are trying to work together to become the greatest team of superheroes the world has ever know, that is if they can get along with each other frist.
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• 2/5/2014

ray palmer's original costum

can you get ray palmer's atom costume meeting the Katarthans?
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• 2/5/2014


we need more photos of characters can you get some?
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• 2/4/2014

need characters from batman the brave and the bold comics

can you make pages for charaters for batman the brave and the bold comics heroes and villiens that did not appeared in the show?
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